When First Responders Arrive On The Scene

The Last Thing They Should Struggle With Is

Finding Equipment & Gear

We have mastered the design and manufacturing of apparatus compartment solutions that maximize space, efficiency, organization and securely house tools of the trade fire and rescue professionals depend upon.

Something we're most proud of is the trust and confidence we build with our customers as they quickly realize our full commitment to delivering the highest quality solution, customer experience and practical compartment management applications First Responders value in their daily work.

Safety and Reliability

Priority #1

FMI is the market leader in state-of-the-art compartment management solutions. To expand our horizons we joined a company that complements what we do with an outstanding reputation of their own and high-demand products and services our customers regularly depend upon.

We are now an independent brand of INNOMOTIVE Solutions Group and a sister company to Amdor, both highly regarded brands serving the emergency vehicle industry and more.

Together, our combined resources and complimentary product lines offer fully integrated solutions with unbeatable lifetime value for OEM's, dealers, customers and end-users.

FMI Terry Albert




As a founder of FMI, Terry brings over 30-years of experience as a business owner, 36-years in fabrication and 32-years working within the fire industry.

Terry takes great pride in ensuring high production values, a quality work environment and a culture where employees are both inspired by their work and valued for their contributions.

Our designers, engineers and installers are innovative strategists when it comes to emergency vehicle compartment management.

As a team we listen, design, build and deliver fully functional solutions intended to safely and securely store equipment, tools and gear for arrival on-scene, enabling emergency crews to optimally access the tools of their trade.

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